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Classic Car Club Spirit of St. Louis Region

Technical Articles


Recent Technical Articles from our Publications

January – February 2010 Spark Plug

A Practical Solution to Sagging Springs”

 Wendell Smith


March – April 2010 Spark Plug

Chrome Job: “Tips to Getting Your Shiny Bits Looking Right”

Steve Temple


May – June 2010 Spark Plug

“Sticky Valves”

Bob Schuman


July – August 2010 Spark Plug

Tech Tips for the Classic Owner - File 3, Case 4”


Wendell Smith


September – October 2010 Spark Plug

“Tech Tips for the Classic Owner - File 3, Case 5”


Wendell Smith


Technical Tip

Technical Tips Analyzing Engine Oils – No 17”


Wendell Smith


Technical Tip

Practical Uses for Anti Seize Lubricants on Classics”

Wendell Smith



January SparkPlug 2009


“Electric Full Pump” by Wendell Smith



March SparkPlug 2009


“You Get What you Paid For” by Ron Olson



May – June Spark Plug 2009


“The Case of the new “Old” Tires” by Shannon Olson



July – August Spark Plug 2009


“Fuel Tank Repairs” by Wendell Smith



September-October Spark Plug 2009


“Tire Balancing” by Wendell Smith



The Spirit Magazine

Metal Bending” by Wendell Smith


Powder Coating” by Thomas Quick